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I think on woke up this morning but I have absolutely no clue about the time ( and dates usually during this trip. It is like the life has no time )

after the morning banana pancake we walked in Komodo island ( which was biggest than Rinca and of course more touristical…) to see some dragons. It was really strange as the few one we saw looked they were paid to stay here for tourists ( like the few bambi we saw… usually Bambi is really wildness but here they didn’t move, just waiting for the pic ! )the Komodo visit was not exceptional I really prefered Rinca.

We moved to a snorkel place and it was just AMAZING.We saw murray and a beautiful ray with blue dots on the back !there were plenty of beautiful different fishes ! we took a lot of pics as Jon has a dive box for his camera !

the evening was quiet, we play some games with jon and went to the bed early. The boat sailed the entire night.

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