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After check out and got our (delicious banana pancake- tea) breakfast, we have been to the travel agency we booked the boat trip the day before. Once we arrived we learnt that we will be only 3 on the boat and we had 1 hour before the departure. We went to the shop to buy some beers , wine and ice tea. Then a retire guy arrived to the shop. His name was Jean-luc and he was French. We moved to the pier and went into the boat which was really nice, (usually, around 15 tourists can travel in this boat.. ) so it was enough big for all of us ( we were 8 with the crew )

After 2 hours we finally start our trip ( there were some trouble with the engineā€¦.. no comments lol ) after maybe 1 hours sailing, we arrived to a deserted island where it was planned to snorkel,. We did it and it was really nice , the water was really clear and the visibility excellent. There were many colorful fishes! we had great time. We left to Rinca Island where we met a really funny French speaking guide ! We saw a lot of Komodo dragons, one fight between 2 of them, and the guide has the good idea to put my camera on the way where we saw that one of those will go through. I have an amazing 10 sec movie really close of a Komodo dragon !!!

After enjoying Rinca Island we left and spent the evening on the boat with all the equipage. We shared my wine and we went to the bed to see a movie with Jon.

It was a great day !

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