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At 6.30am we took the local bus to labuanbajo. It was a long journey ( 10 hrs ride) but it was almost comfortable as for one time the bus was not full and we had enough space to be at ease.

We arrived late in the afternoon to Labuanbajo and we found an hotel which was expensive ( 15$ for the double bungalow…) we wanted to go to Seraya islands the 2 following days if we could find a boat trip to Lombok for after. We went to the travel agencies around and everyone told us that the only boat was on the following morning for a 4days 3nights trip to lombok ( via Rinca-Comodo to see the dragons. ) We didn’t have the choice and we had to forget about going on the Beautiful seraya island…

In the evening we wanted to have a dinner in a place I saw they have Wifi and wooden pizzas, but when we arrived the guy ( who was looking really friendly) told us it was close but we could try to go to The Corner restaurant which is what we did… The restaurant was really pretty with wood everywhere and a nice menu. I ordered some bbq tofu and it was just the best meal I had since the beginning of my trip… We spent all the evening on internet, facebook and I also searched informations about the working holiday visa to Oz.

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