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We woke up around 9am and went to a restaurant around to get our (favorite) breackfast ( banana pancake and mango shake ) we said goodbye to Toine and Sylvester and Rita and we took the bus to Bajawa..

After 7 hours ride, we arrived to Bajawa. The bus stopped just in front of the hotel we choose in the LP ( Edelweis ) and we took a room after being a bit surprised about the price which was really higher than we thought.

A guy of the guesthouse, called Alphonse start telling us that he could organize for a good price a tour of the locals villages around for the following day if we desired. We walked to the town to buy few things ( biscuit, toilet paper and tissue as we were a bit sick…) The town was not interesting and we came back directly to our guest house. We choose a restaurant close to it and we decided to accept the Alphonse’s proposal

We hade to wake up around 6 am to be ready for 7am. Alphonse was waiting for us outside with 2 scooters. One for him and the second one for us. We followed him until a local market.

Once more we were the only foreigners in the middle of Indonesian people. It was really nice with all the spices and fresh product everywhere. People were friendly and smiley. Kids followed us in the market and some people asked me to take pics of them ! I bought a kind of fruit I already tried once, it tastes like pear. I gave one to the little boy which was in love with me as the way he looked me :-). And we left again with Alphonse.

We arrived in a village where all the house had thatched roof It was beautiful. After paying fees ( to help the village ) Alphonse explained us how is the life in the village, the coutume , the meaning of the small temples in the middle of the village and everything he could say. We learnt that the villages in Bajawa where mainly headed by women. After the (interesting) explaination we walked around the village, took some pictures and had a look for the tidak they exposed ahead of the houses. Jon bought one for his mum and I bought a banana to one old woman sat ahead her house.

We moved to another village which was in the same style than the previous but a little bit bigger and usually more touristic ( even if we were the only one when we visited it.) people were not as friendly as people from the previous village. They were just indifferent, but the village had a really good looking with an amazing view on all the valley around.

We left to the hot spring, but I totally forgot my swimming clothes so I had to go into the water with my underwear. Alphonse stayed away and we tried to go into the water. I say tried because the water was so hot that I almost burnt my foot !

In the afternoon we came back to the restaurant in front of the guesthouse ( Dino’s restaurant ) and we had our lunch with Alphonse there. It was so delicious that we decided to go back later for the dinner.

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