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We took a local bus from Larantuka to Maumere early in the morning and a car ( with 11 people inside !!! ) from Maumere to Moni. ( the bus journey was much better than the car…)we arrived early in the evening to Moni.

Once arrived to Moni, a man insisted to show us a place to stay even if we really wanted to go to a guest house we say on the LP we decided to check as it was already dark and we didn’t want to walk in the night with our backpack after a 7 hours journey.

We saw a really basic and cheap room ( homestay). We hesitated ( we needed more comfort after 5 days journey…)to stay when an European open the door next to our room. He looked friendly and after sharing tips for the Mt kelimutu we went out to eat something. And decided to go on the top of the volcano the following morning ( we had to leave the guest house at 4.30 am to be on the top for the sunrise. ) we didn’t have to walk for the go only 2-3 hrs for the way back if we desired which is what we did.

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