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Part of the Beer can museum

A couple of million cockatoos was this morning’s wake up call. It may in fact have been less actual birds but it sounded like at least that number. It sounded like a freight train approaching, slowly building to a deafening roar just as the sun came over the horizon. Somehow the boys slept through it but Al and I were not so fortunate.

The local ducks also descended on us this morning. At one stage I counted two small boys, two slices of bread and 16 ducks under the awning. It looked like we had lost Aaron for a while there but thankfully he managed to fight back. That is good because I was not sure I was brave enough to go in there to save him. These things were angry/hungry.

The National Holden Motoring Museum was the first stop this morning (and conveniently only a short walk from the van. It is (apparently) the largest single manufacturer car museum in Australia. Again I question how many competitors it has. It did have a number of significant prototypes and Holden vehicles including the 1 millionth, 2 millionth and 4 millionth Holdens built. Lesser items were a convertible VL Commodore and a Camira. Remember them? I thought they had all fallen apart by now.

Evan was disappointed that they did not have an Adventra but I did find the Adventra engine (the 190kw V6 if you are interested) in the engine display section......Surprisingly he still was not impressed.

Being on foot still we wandered up through the historic district of Echuca, past the wine and port tastings, no seriously, we walked past and did not participate, and then up and down the main street. Basically nothing interesting. Lunch was back in the van and afterwards while Aaron had a sleep Mum and Ev went and did a few errands. If you are wondering I did stay awake (just).

The afternoon attraction was the ‘Great Aussie Beer Shed’. One man’s 34 year obsession with collecting beer cans. There were thousands of them, but as the old beer can collectors saying goes “no point wasting good beer”, so they are all empty. Apparently you drill a small hole in the bottom and drink it upside down. That was just one of the interesting (and useless) trivia facts I picked up this afternoon.

Did you know there is an Australian Beer collecting club? That its annual conference is called “Can-a-thon” or that it is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year?

Did you know that the world’s rarest Beer can was made in 1937….it’s in the collection …….and that when Bert Newton celebrated 25 years with Channel 9 there was a special pallet of cans created….and yes there is one of those in the collection too.

And did you know it is possible to keep a straight face while being told all of this. Yes it is!!

Even if you don’t share the obsession, you have to admire the guy’s passion. There is a lot of other memorabilia there including coke cans and memorabilia, an old WW1 cannon and old petrol pumps, public phones and butter churns. Currently he is branching out into an old farm machinery museum….”to broaden the appeal!”

The temperature here was at least in the low thirties if not higher so we ended the day with a swim in the caravan park pool to cool off. For dinner we decided to have fish and chips from the restaurant in town whose brochure stated they won the title, “best fish and chips in Victoria”. Turns out the award was dated 1994 (a fact not in their brochure) but the food was still good…….and I didn’t have to cook!

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