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Marilyn & I were up early this morning, to have our coffee before getting things together for our day’s adventure.

Once our coffee was finished we ate a bite for breakfast and then straightened the RV.

With those little chores complete, we began getting the truck ready to carry the four bicycles to the Los Ebanos Hand Pulled Ferry across the Rio Grande River to Mexico.

I had to remove the bed cover from the truck and unload things which were stored back there. Things like the bike rack which fits on the back of our RV, the “Broom” mud flap for the truck, a wash brush, and the “Ladder Golf” game.

Marilyn helped me roll up the truck bed cover and then we began loading bikes.

Jesse & Ginger rode their bikes down to our place and they were soon loaded, too.

Dan & Pat drove up, with Ted & Sue on board, Heinz & Irene had Carl with them, and Roger and Joyce followed close behind.

Heinz led off because they knew the way to get to our destination, followed by Dan, with Roger next, and our truck would be bringing up the rear.

As we were backing out of our space, Marilyn realized that she needed to go back inside the RV for something. Of course, I had locked the door, so everything came to a stop.

I unlocked the door, waited, and then re-locked the door once Marilyn had retrieved the missing item.

By this time, the others had a good lead on us.

I thought that they might be wondering about us, thinking maybe that we had a problem of some sort, so I drove with dispatch, let us say.

We were about to Mission, Texas by the time we caught up with the others. I wanted to let them all know that we were ok, so I passed Roger and then Dan, pulling in behind Heinz.

Somehow in the heavier traffic we ended up ahead of Heinz and we arrived at the parking area for the ferry, all together.

There is always some excitement as the group unloads the bikes and gathers together for the ferry ride across the river into Mexico.

After we paid the fee of $1.00 per person to board the ferry with our bicycles, we were soon across and walking our bikes up the hill.

We were soon all strung out in a ragged line, riding our bikes on the two-lane blacktop road into town.

We stopped to take pictures in several places, visited a church, and rode our bikes around the town, waving at the very friendly citizens.

We ended up back at the restaurant where all thirteen of us sat at a long table, to have our lunch.

The chips and salsa, along with cold drinks were conveniently placed within easy reach, and with everyone talking at once, the discussion turned to the menu items.

Soon, we had all placed our orders and enjoyed the snack items while waiting for our meal.

Marilyn & I had shrimp dinners, which were delicious, and three beers (Two for me and one for Marilyn), and the total bill was only $19.84. Not bad!

After lunch we returned to the ferry, crossed back into the good old USA, loaded our bikes back into the trucks, and headed for home.

Jesse helped me unload the bikes and we relaxed for awhile.

Jennifer called and we spoke to her several times in the afternoon and evening.

After that large, filling lunch today, we’ll watch a movie and have popcorn for dinner tonight.

This has been another wonderful day in the Rio Grande Valley. Now we must simply wait to see what tomorrow has in store…..

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