parting shots of training planes on base

new student pilots fly these

we don't mind the noise

our setup in space 11, nice patio, 50 amp service, nice table...

our view from our chairs, we enjoy coffee each morning looking at...

down the street most spaces are taken

more of our setup, note the christmas decor

Dave thought it'd be nice to hang Kris Kringle hats on the...

Entrance to the area

Cabins for rent

nice childs play area

If you want to tent camp, here's a tent plat form.

the marina with boat slips

the boat launch, open to the public no charge to launch your...

Marina office and store, wifi for us to use.

the lake boders Mexico, we see alot of these guys on land...

typical of the brush on the landscape

notice how clear the water is, we can see about 10 -...

Hi, big boy !


count the deer, what else do you see there?

see the deer?

and this guy, it's a 9 banded armadillo

he didn't like having his photo taken, so he high-tailed it to...

cute little face, only a mother could love

He snorted, "that's enough, I'm outta here"...

baby deer, pic taken from our easy chair, Mom and sis paraded...

anybody got 2 bucks?, We do...

they were having lunch right across the road from our coach.

while fishing Rebecca spotted this big boy lounging in a submerged mesquite...

we pulled in close and didn't disturb him

see how close we got.

a sunset over the Rio Grande at Lake Amistad

Dinner at Wright's Steak House, Happy birthday Dave.

Dave's first bass of the day

Becky's first bass EVER !

Becky's first bass, EVER!

the very next cast, Becky's 2nd bass

Becky's 2nd bass, EVER!

From the FAMCAMP on base it's a short 23 mile trip west of the town of Del Rio out to the South Winds Marina owned and operated by the Laughlin AFB. What a nice facility they have made here, there are boats to rent, slips to rent for YOUR boat, trailers to rent, cabins to rent, laundry facility, showers, free boat launch ramp open to the public. We rented a nice full hookup RV site for $10 a day, you have to be military related to camp here. Some of the bonuses of staying here are wildlife and the lake, Lake Amistad. Lake Amistad is a National Recreational Area, encompassing a water area of nearly 3.0 million acres. Three main rivers make up the water content, first the Rio Grande, second the Pecos River and thirdly is the Devils River. On the wildlife side of things we have seen fox, raccoon, many deer, golden eagles, osprey, harrier hawks, great blue heron, ibis and others. Our lake view from the coach is pretty nice, and the deer come around every day, morning and night coming to and from the lake. The first few days here the weather was bad so we waited it out till we had two days in a row of nice, 70's, temperatures. Then we put the boat in the water for the striped bass and largemouth bass. We didn't find any striped bass but the largemouth were plentiful and provided both of us a fine time of catch and release. Rebecca caught her FIRST EVER, largemouth bass and when the day was done she "out-caught" Dave 2 to 1! For Dave's birthday, after a day of fishing, Rebecca treated him to a nice "Texas style" steak dinner at Wright's Steak House. It's just up the highway (hwy 90) from the marina about 4 miles. We ordered the "K C for two" steak, which is 20 ounces of steak chunks (medallions)complete with salad bar and potato all for $30, wine, desert were extra, total with tip $50. If you're in this area, eat there it's fabulous!

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