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Jayna on our big red shiny motorbike!

Slower mode of transportation!

Scenic Don Khon Island.

The bike trail.

Biggest waterfall in S.E. Asia.

Sunset on Don Det.

Not much to do here other than relax so that's what we did! The food is very average but the views are good and it is nice to just chill and read a couple of books.

On Easter Sunday we ate our tiny bit of Cadbury chocolate that we brought from Pakse and hired a motorbike to cruise around the island on. Not your normal Easter but one that we both enjoyed and will remember.

We then traveled to some islands further south. There was no electricity here and it was extremely hot so we took refuge in the river as much as possible. We will both always remember the night that we couldn't sleep because it was sooo hot with no fans and a funeral wake keeping the island awake until 4:30 am!!!

We also rode down to some amazing waterfalls (the biggest in S. E. Asia) and took a boat trip to the famous fresh water dolphins!

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