Brad & Barb Wright - Southwest Trip 2009/2010 travel blog

View driving down from Albuquerque to Las Cruces - Brad kept expecting...

Coming down the mountain in the area of White Sands Missile Base

Sign for the White Sands National Monument

Visitor Center for White Sands National Monument

White Sands

This is sand - not snow. Blows & drifts like snow.

Decorated water tank in Las Cruces - saw several of them

Sign for New Mexico Farm & Heritage Museum

New Mexico Farm & Heritage Museum

Information on Colcha Embroidery

Sample of the Colcha Embroidery

Brad grinding corn as was done in the "old" days

This is an actual chuck wagon

Sausage or Lard Press

Description of foot warmer

Foot Warmer

Information on Bale of Hay

Bale of Hay

Brad being Brad!!!

Our transportation for the outside portion of the tour

One of the cows on the farm

A bull on the farm

A real Texas Longhorn!

We came down to Las Cruces on Monday to avoid the storm coming across the country. We had a little rain on Tuesday morning but very high winds. We went out to the White Sands National Monument, not having any idea how far it was. It was pretty windy when we left. We had to cross a mountain and once we had gone over the top and were starting on the way down we saw a lot of cruiser lights. As we went by the site we saw it was a motor home that had flipped on its side going up the mountain. Just about the time we were passing the accident scene we got hit with some high winds. We were in the car so it wasn't bad. This was right in the area of the White Sands Missile Site. The police station there lost the roof on their building. The winds there were clocked at 116 mph. Oblivious to all of this we headed another 30 miles to the National Monument. It is dunes formed of white sand that is formed out of gypsum. The sand is so white it looks like snow. It also blows like snow. Some of the dunes are 60 feet high. This is apparently a high wind area anyway. The road through the park is 8 miles long, we only made it 6 miles as the drifting sand was so bad. It was like driving on snow. It was something to see though. When we arrived in Las Cruces and pulled into the campground we spotted the coach of a couple from MA that we had met in Springfield, IL and have been e-mailing ever since. It was nice to spend a little more time with Lisa & Don and get to know them better. We went to dinner with them last night. They have made several trips out this way and have given us tips on places to go and stay. We're hoping to see them again when they get to the Phoenix area. They live on the Cape so hopefully we can see them during the summer. Today we went to the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Museum. It was very interesting. It showed how farming has evolved over the years going back to the Native Americans and the early Spanish settlers. I've talked to all three of our kids in the last few days. Carl is back from Germany and has his orders. He expects to be heading to Afghanistan sometime in March. His step-son Chris is deployed on a ship and won't be back until April. Please keep them both in your prayers. I talked to our grandson Drew. Sunday he got his black belt in Karate. We are so proud of him! The Rio Grande River in this area is bone dry. There won't be water in it until spring. Maybe on our way back through on the way home there will be water in it and I can take some pictures for you Geraint. The mountains in this area are beautiful. All the way down, at each vista Brad would comment, "You don't see this in CT". He is so is very different. Tomorrow we will head west to Benson, AZ about 40 miles east of Tucson. Saturday we will finally arrive in Tempe where we will stay until the first week of Feb. B&B

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