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Rain began as soft gentle drops scarcely wetting the dry desert soil. As I write, the story is quite different. Wind gusts and blowing rain are surrounding us. An unusual southwesterly storm is blowing through. It is expected to be sunny by tomorrow afternoon. We're curious to see the accumulation in the washes! Don't know how long I'll be able to continue as the thunder and lightning are filling our ears and eyes!

Business and pleasure have filled our week. Corky and "the boys" have been on the desert. He is quite pleased to boast of finding his first WWII 50 caliber machine gun bullet. I believe it is considered a right of desert passage!! Nevertheless, he is previewing a fancy,dancy gold/metal detector. In the meantime, "Idaho gold digger" spied a good ol' stand by version for a modest price. I'm hoping for some good desert photos to share with you all.

Friday night fish fry, rec hall spaghetti supper are fun for meeting new folks and reacquainting with last year's new folks. Each week there is no shortage of food related activities. Don't forget happy hour. Most of our park's folks are here now. It is like a big reunion with a year's worth of activities to be shared.

Attending to the details of the closing on my parents property has been made easier as we are now stationary. Distance has not prevented us from conducting business as usual. These machines of cyberspace-fax, computer,scanner, and cell phones offer a convenient service. My sister and I have wondered how the older seniors maneuver these complexities without adult children. Is our sense of self worth overinflated? Maybe we don't want to hear the answer-ha. Tending to someone else's financial business cannot be taken lightly.

I don't intend to stay away so long before the next writing. Come on back,y'all!

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