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I was very excited about getting to the coast of Brazil. I was looking forward to ´soaking up some rays´on the beach and seeing for myself the bikini wearing Brazilian women, about whom I had heard nothing but good things! I wasn´t disappointed! I travelled here with a group from Australia. The bus stopped for dinner and one of the Australians was halfway through eating some form of meat sandwich when he spat his food everywhere and ran off to be sick. We looked at his sandwich and there were maggots wriggling about inside the meat. Now being a vegetarian I have often found it hard to find food, but at least I will never have the misfortune of eating half a maggot sandwich. I stayed on Isla de Santa Catarina which is a large island just off the coast of Brazil and connected to the mainland by a large bridge. This is a really affluent area, where rich Brazilians live or come for weekend breaks. There are loads of great beaches. My hostel had an excellent location, set on a hillside overlooking one of the two large lakes on the island (Lagoa da Conceicao). It was great enjoying the view whilst having breakfast in the morning or whilst having a caipirinha or two in the evening. There was a beach (Praia Mole) just 5 minutes walk from the hostel. I went there pretty much every day. It was a bit of a surfer beach with huge waves. I don´t surf but swimming in the water was good fun, getting smashed around by huge waves. I intended to stay here for 3 days and then head to Rio but I ended up staying 7 days and will have to do Rio on another trip. I was enjoying the relaxed beach setting too much and, if i´m honest, couldn´t be bothered getting yet another long distance bus journey to have to come back on myself for my flight towards Venezuela. I´m justifying this decision to myself as i type as I really should have gone to Rio. But you can´t do everything and it´s not going anywhere. South America is such a huge place and I feel like i´ve spent most of my time so far on buses so it really was good to spend a week just relaxing on the beach. There I go justifying my decision again!

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