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We slept good last night and I was up in time to walk with the guys this morning.

We walked only two miles, talking all the way. We saw the pelicans in formation flight, gliding, one behind another, in ground effect, just inches above the still water. That was quite a beautiful sight and one of those “Kodak” moments, as Heinz likes to say.

Back at the RV, Marilyn had coffee waiting for me and we sat together enjoying our quiet time along with the promise of a warm, sunny day.

We decided that we needed to make a run to Walmart, so we did that, returning with the back seat full of groceries.

We spoke to Jennifer several times, on the phone. That is so nice, to have her call whenever she can. We love that!

I went outdoors to do some chores while Marilyn put the groceries away.

I dumped the holding tanks, then went back inside to help Marilyn change the bedding. After that, she put in a load of laundry and I went back outdoors, this time I was wearing shorts, and a T-shirt, as the temperature reached a very comfortable 74 degrees.

I visited with Heinz, Gilbert, Carl, Jan and Roger & Joyce, before spending some time playing golf on the Wii.

Marilyn grabbed her book and a lounge chair and lay out in the bright sunshine for awhile.

I moved inside to check on the pro football games on TV.

Ginger called to ask Marilyn to join her on a trip to “Penny’s” or some other store, so the gals soon left the resort for a “Girls Day Out”.

I was left at home to enjoy the perfect weather.

Once Marilyn & Ginger returned from their day out, I jumped into the shower and put on some clean clothing. Jesse & Ginger arrived before I was finished, and Marilyn joined them on our patio with a cold drink.

I soon joined these good friends outside, even though the air was becoming a bit cool in the evening.

Jesse & Ginger gave me a gift they had found. It is a Wii golf club, which fits around the controller. It is supposed to make the game even more realistic. Maybe I can check that out tomorrow.

When it became cool enough to go indoors, we broke up the cocktail party.

Marilyn fixed some popcorn and we watched TV. This was the final night for “The Amazing Race.”

We were pulling for the young couple, Cheyne and Meghan. We were a bit nervous toward the end but those young kids won the million dollars. We felt that they were the most deserving team in the race and it was fun to watch.

When that program ended we watched a movie, before going off to bed.

We have plans for tomorrow when RV-Dreams friends, Bob & Lynda visit.

Who knows what tomorrow has in store…..

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