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Christmas in the Ocala Sq.

Your coach is ready , my lady!

Thinking of you back in Edmonton

Good Morning to all!

This week we have been in a very lazy mode and really feeling like retirement. The weather had been coldish in relative terms -4 to 27 and rainy. On Wednesday we had tornado warnings so things were taken in and latched down. But through the evening all we got was heavy rain and medium winds. And no news of any damage anywhere near us. I was kinda looking forward to at least a good wind and rain storm!

Each day there are 2 or 3 new RVs coming into the park for the Winter. They say that it should be full after Christmas. The capacity is 412 which a really nice size to get our walks in and around the park. I have attended a couple of line dance groups in which there only 4 of us but we do have lots of laughs. Next week I am teaching a craft class in making the beaded salad spoons and forks in show you last week. The park provided a dinner for the folks in our section of the park at our clubhouse. It was great idea of a huge backed potato, salted with sea salt then fixins’ of baked beans, cheese, bacon, ham, sour cream, onion and butter and dessert to boot! It was a quick and easy way to sever 24 people.

Still didn't get on our canoe trip because of the cool temps and rain. I had second thoughts on snorkelling with the Manatee's when I found out it was going to be $100.00 and I would have to get up at 5:00 am just to drive to Crystal River and be on the boat at 6:30 and I had a sinus infection so that was three red flags against the outing. Not sure which factor was the deciding point but I do like my sleep in the mornings!

We had company for dinner on Thursday, with leaving the coach for two weeks we have to empty out the freezer so the lucky couple that invited us for thanksgiving dinner got to chow down on my last package of Costco tenderloin steaks, preceded by the last of the bacon wrapped (giant) Digby scallops, ummm.

We have one more week here in Ocala and still have a list of places to go and things to see. We wanted to St. Augustine the oldest city in the US, see the Christmas lights in Silver Springs Park just up the road and where Lorri Morgan is performing, Norm Garlets, race car driver Museum, canoeing and some more geocaching. So the weather looks good we’ll see what happens. We’ll let you know……

I’m thinking of you all baking cookies and buying Christmas presents and in the chilly winter weather.

Seasons Greeting

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