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Oil rig pumping on I-40 in western Oklahoma

Brad driving between Oklahoma City and Amarillo, TX

Grain Mill off I-40 around Hydes, OK

Our first encounter with windmills - these were in the area of...

Large cross near Groom, TX (19 stories high and 119 feet across).

Some of the figures at the Last Supper, near Groom, TX

Three crosses on Calvary at site of the Cross near Groom, TX

Landscape in the panhandle of Texas

Coming into Amarillo, TX on I-40

Sign at Oasis RV Resort

Our coach at Oasis RV Resort (Great park - but bitter cold.

Sign in front of the Midpoint Cafe

Midpoint Cafe, Route 66, Adrian, TX

Interior of Midpoint Cafe

Another shot of the interior of the Midpoint Cafe

Some of the cows in the feed lot west of Amarillo, TX

Bar & Grill on Route 66, Amarillo, TX

Original Paramount Theater on Route 66 in Amarillo, TX

Sign for the Big Texan

The Big Texan, Amarillo, TX

We spent three freezing cold days in Amarillo. The temp never got above freezing and the wind never stopped blowing. In spite of the weather we had a good time.

We were driving along I-40 in Groom, TX and came upon the gigantic cross. We could see it for miles before we got to it. There was a sign at the edge of the highway that said largest cross in the Western Hemisphere and that there was RV and truck parking. We decided to check it out. The cross is 19 stories high and the span across the arms is 119 feet. It was beautiful. There also were life size statues depicting the stations of the cross at the base, "Calvary" with the 3 crosses with life size figures on them, The Last Supper with Jesus and 5 of the disciples, The empty tomb and some others. There was also a great gift shop. It was so cold and blustery out that we couldn't stay outside long enough to really experience the site as it was meant to be experienced. It was another unexpected find on this trip.

The park in Amarillo was great. We stayed at the Oasis which was on the west side of Amarillo. Amarillo is very flat. You could look for miles in any direction and not see anything but land with a little scrub and cattle on it, which also made for no barriers for the wind - and it was howling!

Yesterday we went down to the town of Adrian and had lunch at the Midpoint Cafe. This cafe was featured in the TV series RV American Road Trip that was on last summer. The man in there was a fount of information. It seems this cafe is at the exact half way point between Chicago and Los Angeles on the old Route 66. It was also the inspiration for the cafe in the movie Cars. It was very 50's. The menu had a lot of info on it about the area. It seems the county is larger than the state of RI has 2300 residents and there are 28000 head of cattle at the feed yard up the road.

We saw "Cadillac Ranch" - 10 Eldorado Cadillacs buried nose first in a field. One resident's idea of art. He also does very unique signs for towns beginning with the letter A. He's a little eccentric apparently.

We drove down the old Route 66 in Amarillo and stopped at the Big Texan Steak Ranch. They serve a 72 oz. steak and if you can eat it all it's free. I think there's also a time limit of 1 hour. You can even log onto their website and watch it on your computer. It is a very unique place.

We left Amarillo today and headed to Albuquerque. We are watching the weather closely, but it looks like we will probably head south to Los Cruces, NM rather than over to the Grand Canyon.

Barb & Brad

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