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Back in Missouri, when I was Chief Pilot of a Corporate Flight Department, I often was awake at 3:30 in the morning. That was my “wake up” time on mornings when we had a 6:00 o’clock departure for Detroit.

I would be awake at 3:30, and while I was in the shower, then dressing in my flight uniform, Marilyn would be up and have coffee on.

By the time I came downstairs to join her for coffee, we usually had about 45 minutes to spend together before I had to leave for the short drive to the airport.

The flight crew always arrived at the airport one hour ahead of our scheduled departure time, and I usually gave myself a few minutes extra just in case.

The passengers began arriving a few minutes before departure and by that time we had checked the weather, filed flight plans and performed the “pre-flight” inspection on the aircraft.

Once the last of our passengers arrived, we locked the hangar and boarded the aircraft for the 1:10 minute flight to Detroit.

Landing at Detroit Metro Airport, which was one hour ahead of our Central time zone, our passengers were met by a car which drove right up to the aircraft to pick them up and whisk them away to a meeting.

That was all in a “former” life for me and I mention it only because I awoke this morning at 3:30, and then laid there thinking about those days.

I left Marilyn snoring softly, as I climbed out of bed and moved to the living room where I turned on the fireplace and the laptop computer.

Marilyn was out of bed by 7:00 and we shared our coffee before getting our chores finished. We had things clean and neat, and then worked on ourselves, getting ready for a day in Mexico.

Jesse & Ginger walked down to our site and rode with us, while Roger & Joyce followed in their own truck.

We parked on the USA side and walked across the bridge into Nuevo Progreso, Mexico.

The town had blocked off the main street for this Fiesta celebration to welcome the winter Texans back to the Valley. That allowed us the option of walking on the sidewalk or walking in the middle of the street. Bands were playing and folk dancers were entertaining the visitors.

We stopped to make an appointment for an eye exam next Tuesday, as we are getting new glasses, frames and all.

Our next stop was at a Seafood restaurant where Ted & Sue joined us for a fine lunch.

After lunch, we strolled back toward the bridge, making a stop for a free beer and some shopping.

We were back at the resort a bit after 2:00 PM.

Gilbert & Louise stopped by, as did Carl, and Dale walked over for just a minute.

We all sat on the patio with a cold drink, but it cooled off pretty quickly as the sun sank lower in the sky, and we broke up when the cool air forced us inside.

Marilyn & I relaxed with a good movie, talked with Jennifer on the phone, and spent a quiet evening together.

We look forward to a good night of sleep and another fine day with friends tomorrow. We expect temperatures in the 70 degree range tomorrow, but you never know for sure what tomorrow has in store…..

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