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Cycling through Quertiera

The Weather - ahhhhhh

The Pool at the Olhau Campsite

Olhau waterfront

On the Beach at Monte Gordo

A tasty pasta dish

Catching the Ferry across the Border to Spain - Andrew pulled out...

The markings of a cyclist - ouch (nah, it didn't hurt too...

Day 23

Lagos to Queteira

Distance: 76kms

Ride Time: 4 hrs

Avg Speed: 20kph

Elevation: 1/10

Weather: We had a cruisy tail wind all day. Temp 24 degrees.

In the morning in Lagos we checked out some more beaches and then left around 12pm.

Nice ride. Good to be back on the bikes again - especially in this weather. Queteira is english tourist central. With all the restaurants along the beach front parade selling mushy peas - wicked. We passed on that and grabbed another pizza. Just before we arrived in this town we went through golf course central. The small, but very rich resort town was surrounded by 6 top class golf courses.

Day 24 - April 25th

Queteira to Olhau

Distance: 44kms

Ride Time: 2hrs 40 mins

Avg Speed: 17kph

Elevation: 2/10

Weather: Absolutely no clouds. Temp 26 degrees.

Well, we came down here for the warm stuff and we sure have found it.

So today we pulled out the singlets for the first time and the portuguese ladies were not disappointed.

It was a day of firsts really:

1st singlet worn

1st swim

1st sunburn

1st day above 25 degrees

We got to Olhau thinking there'd be an awesome beach just by the campsite. But no, there's no beaches near this town, they're all out on the coastal islands. We didn't have time to catch the boat out there, but luckily the campsite had a pool and a tennis court so we spent the afternoon swimming and making Andrew look pathetic with a racquet.

Day 25 - April 26th

Olhau to Monte Gordo

Distance: 42kms

Ride Time: 2hrs 10 mins

Avg Speed: 20kph

Elevation: 1/10

Weather: Another bloody ripper of a day. No clouds. cool breeze. Temp 27 degrees.

Kms of golden sand: 20

# of old wrinkly german men wearing budgy smugglers: 47

Wicked beach. Great campsite. Shame about all the coffin-dodgers.

Camping only cost $6.37.

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