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The musical group called “Razz-ma-Tazz” was quite good last night, and we all enjoyed the show.

Marilyn & I had set our recorder to record “Survivor” but the channel had problems and no one in our group had been able to record it.

I got on face book and asked Linda Payne about the show, knowing that she is a fan. She informed me of the results. Thank you, Linda!

We slept very well last night and awoke to wind, rain and cold temperatures, this morning.

I stayed in my PJ’s for awhile, even taking the trash out in my bright orange and black casual wear. Perhaps any neighbor who looked out the window thought there was a beautiful sunrise!

Or maybe NOT! LOL

After our morning coffee, Marilyn fixed scrambled eggs with hot pepper cheese mixed in them, toast, fresh picked grapefruit, and juice, for our breakfast.

We talked about what we wanted to do today, musing over several options, but finally decided to just stay indoors out of the cold wind and rain.

We are all snug and cozy, with the fireplace, and a good book to read.

Life is good!

Several of our RV friends are on the road, and we wish you safe travels dear friends. Other friends are needing prayers for a close relative and we are keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

On “Facebook” this morning, I noticed that my niece, Alicia, was on line, so I jumped in and we chatted on-line for a few minutes. She is so sweet and we just love her to pieces. It was nice to have that cyber conversation.

Marilyn & I are talking about going to Virginia in May of 2011, to visit relatives we haven’t seen for awhile. We would spend some time in that area, and maybe try to get Jennifer & Steve to come out, also. That is all in the future and no definite plans have been made.

Later, I drove up to the office to pay our electric bill, but they read the meter only four days after we arrived, so I decided to wait until next month to pay it. No big deal.

Marilyn & I enjoyed our time together, even though we were each doing our own thing much of the afternoon. I messed with the computer while Marilyn was deep into her Sudoku puzzles.

Marilyn fixed some stir-fry for lunch.

After lunch, I took my book to the bedroom to read, but after only three pages, I fell asleep and had a nice nap.

Marilyn fell asleep in her recliner.

We decided to pass on dinner and have popcorn while watching a movie.

It was a very relaxing, lazy day today. Those are great once in a while. After all, we are retired, and we do not have to be doing something every day. We do have plans for tomorrow, but I’ll wait to write about it after the fact.

So, let’s just relax and wait to see what adventures tomorrow has in store…..

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