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Lunch on the lake.

Taking a break, El Tunco.

Our room (see me on the 2nd floor).

Sunset lounging.

Sunset views.

Strike a pose, Mr Canada.

View towards the surf breaks, El Tunco.

El Salvador is a small, poor country with armed guards everywhere and is by far the least touristy country we have visited on this trip. We were here for a good time but not a long time- only one week.

We first spent some time inland, based out of a place called Santa Ana where we got well acquainted with the cheap and organized but not-so-speedy local bus system. On one day trip to a beautiful crater lake, our 1.5 hour travel time turned into 4.5 hours thanks to one bus breaking down and a half an hour of gear grinding inspection on the second bus. We had a beautiful lunch on the lake (albeit late), swam in the emerald water and left ourselves plenty of time to catch the bus back. What made the morning trip seem all the slower was that the trip back only took 20 minutes! (Thanks to the restaurant owner who picked us up in his car). So on average our travel time was reasonable but we got used to at least doubling estimated bus travel times and expecting to see at least one breakdown on the way.

After these few days in the highlands where there were no traces of whities or anything tourist orientated, we decided to leg it to the beach. The small beach town of El Tunco sounded like the best bet and it turned out to be a great spot. We splurged (only comparatively) on an ocean front room in a nice hotel for 50 bucks and enjoyed a few days relaxing by the beach and pool. We definitely needed a few days near to a toilet as we both had been fighting the travelers D for a little while. After a few days taking it easy we got better and I even had enough energy to take a surf lesson and enjoy the ‘world class’ waves. Steve worked hard on his tan and enjoyed the $1 beers on the beach

At the time of writing we had made it back to the capital, San Salvador, and are waiting patiently to catch our 12 hour bus to Nicaragua. Thanking goodness for our days of sun, relaxation and recuperation. It’s a hard life! :)

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