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Marilyn & I are still adjusting the number on our “Sleep Number” bed. Due to changing barometric pressure each day, we adjust the number before going to bed each night.

We started with 75 being our number, then went to 70, but still didn’t have it quite the way we wanted it.

Last night I set it on 60 and we both had a great night of sleep. We’ll leave it at that setting for a week or two, in order to make sure it is good, or to see if we want to change it again.

In any case, it sure is a comfortable bed and we are very happy to have it.

I was up in time to walk with the guys this morning, but with an outdoor temperature of 45F and a north wind at 15 mph, I decided that it was too nice inside to bundle up and go walking.

Heinz, Gilbert and Jesse braved the cold and wind, leaving on time, while I waved at them with a smile on my face.

They didn’t walk very far because I saw them return about 30 minutes later, but they were brave to get out on a day like today.

Marilyn & I shared our morning coffee, and then ate some toast and drank orange juice, before we got busy.

We made the bed and did the dishes, then got ourselves dressed for the day.

I took the trash out, then closed the gray water shutoff valve, and checked our propane level, discovering that one of our propane tanks was empty. I disconnected the empty tank and set it on the curb, to be filled by the propane service which drives through the resort each day.

We have used exactly one tank of propane fuel since we left the resort last spring. Not bad!

Heinz came out and we talked for awhile. Since both of us needed to go to Walmart, we decided to go together. I would ride with Heinz, and we planned to leave as soon as the propane tank was filled.

We saw the propane truck going up and down the streets here in the resort, so we just waited for them.

Heinz had his truck parked in front of our site and noticed that his left front tire was low. Change in plans!

Heinz drove his truck to the tire repair shop in Mercedes, while I waited until the propane folks were finished with us, then I drove to town to pick up Heinz.

We drove to Walmart and by the time we were finished, it was time to pick up Heinz’s truck.

With a firm looking, now repaired, tire, Heinz followed me back to the resort.

Marilyn & I heated up some leftovers for lunch, and relaxed in our recliners for much of the afternoon.

Tonight we are attending a fun musical put on by a group called “Razz-ma-Tazz” and it will be a good time. We have enjoyed this group each of the past two years and tonight will be another fine Christmas show.

Our weather is terrible. Not what we have experienced in the past three winters here in the valley. But, no matter what, we never forget that “Life is Good!”

Now we’ll wait until tomorrow to see what adventures that day has in store…..

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