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A dust storm is equally as dense as fog. Cruising west on I-8, dreaming of re-uniting with friends, anticipating activities/social events...lo and behold we're in the makings of a dust storm. The good news is we escaped unscathed, exiting into the RV friendly Flyin'J; the bad news is a 10+ car/tractor trailer/motor home pile up which included fatalities. I thank God for Corky's driving skills, calm demeanor, and level headedness. From day one towing he does not exceed 60MPH and remains in the right lane.

Yuma allowed us to play catch up, you know laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning post dust storm(that was a nice mess), and a nice trip to Algodones, Mexico! A ladies' hair cut, spirits, and oh, yes, lunch! I'm quite satisfied with the $7.00 haircut/style. Security seems tighter than we remembered last year. The border patrol deserves nothing less than our respect and co-operation. I am reserving comment from the soap box as it gives this person undeserved notice. Let's just say it is embarrassing to witness US citizens reacting ignorantly to authority. SHE deserved the "dog sniff down".

I'd like to take this public opportunity to say "THANK YOU, DEE, FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR COUNTRY". We can not count the number of park rangers, citizens, police officers, etc who recognize his insignia on the truck window, proclaiming the above statement. It makes my heart full to hear Corky proudly reply my son is career Air Force; my son-in-law is career Coast Guard.

Kofa Mtn Park residents excitedly greeted us as we pulled into the park. We are squared away now being careful not to miss happy hour! One benefit of being stationary allows us the freedom to pursue individual interests. Within an hour of lowering the landing gear Corky and Fred were off pondering rocks in the desert! The girls took me to Blythe vegetable shopping. We are certainly settling in quickly but pleasantly!

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