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The Red or Liberal Party

The Blue or National Party

The National Party Headquarters in Oak Ridge on the main street

We boated across to town for groceries and I walked back to...


Red Party taxi

Inside one of the polling stations

How to Vote. Check out the last step, a fingerprint so you...


Waiting to take the voters back home

and then my lovely walk home, about 10 minutes





Once in a while a large fishing boat like this one pulls...

Off on another excursion, we stopped first at the new Mahogony Bay...

Alex and Kelly invited us on a trip down island yippee

A very long road from the docks out to the road

The best pizza on the island here at bella Napoli in Sandy...

The dock at Blue Bahia Resort in beautiful Sandy Bay

The resort from the dock

Up on top, John, Alex and Kelly


more us

Blue Bahia is a good name, it's so BLUE





Kent, the owner of Blue Bahia

This is a toucanette



Sunday Nov 26th began like no other Sunday since we've been here in Oak Ridge. I heard horns tooting before dawn as workers arrived at the polls, which open at 6 a.m. Normally on Sunday morning there is no boat traffic passing the boat, it's remarkable quiet and peaceful. However on election day, water taxis bearing either the red and white Liberal or blue and white National party flags filed past constantly. It is more like a sporting event than an election, with voters dressed in red or blue, according to their party affiliations. The taxis are pre paid by the parties to make sure everyone gets out to vote.

In town the road traffic was much the same. Either a red or blue taxi, shame on you if you take the wrong one. They are plastered with party posters. Barbeques were set up all over town and families were flocking out together, dressed in thier Sunday best. Nobody rushed in to the poll and back out to their car to resume their busy lives like back home. No this is an all day affair. Well now actually this is the 6th day since the election and the parties continue. The winning party hosts big pig or beef roasts with free everything and the loudest music possible in a different community each night as a thank you.

When the results started pouring in Monday night, we could hear the cheering of hundreds of people, still in town to await results and then, of course, for the Blue or National Party, to celebrate their win. And celebrate they do here, like you would not believe. JUST as the Captain and I crawled into bed the music started. LOUD music, but good and we're used to it so we don't mind. It is no time for gringos to go out at night, not at election time so we have laid low this past week.

We were invited on a trip down island with Alex and Kelly for the best pizza on the island at Bella Napoli and then an afternoon at the Blue Bahia resort in Sandy Bay, which is just around the corner from West End on the north coast of the island.

Next update: John builds a planter for all my new cuttings and seedlings.....

and another trip to Marble Hill.

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