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Group booking = Group dinner reservations: Our A la Carte reservations had been made for us ahead of time; this is part of the Gold Club Service. Sounds like a great idea, but it didn't work well for us - all of our reservations were made under one person's name so we all had to eat at the same restaurant at the same time! On top of this, it was put under the Bride and Groom's name - they were far too preoccupied with the wedding to remember to tell 14 other people when and where dinner was each night so many times some of the party would miss their special dinner and this was very frustrating. When 2 members of the group went to request a change in the reservation, they were told no, as it would have to be the whole group and there was no room available.

Tip - ask your travel agent to tell the tour company that all dinner reservations are to be made under individual rooms, not as a group.

Correct sleeping accommodations: three of the rooms booked were for single people sharing a room so we had requested 2 beds per room; none of the rooms had 2 beds in them and as it was in the evening that we arrived, only one room got changed that night and the others had to wait until noon the next day to be moved.

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