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It rained all night last night, and we awoke to the sound of rain on the roof of our RV. The morning temperature outdoors was 58 degrees and it did not warm up all day. We are promised by the weatherman that we will see sunshine and warmer temperatures tomorrow. Great! We are ready for the normal, warm temps and breezy days, filled with sunshine, that we love. That is why we return here in the winter time. We do not like the wind and rain, with low temperatures combination that a few seem to enjoy. Fine for them but not us!

I checked out the internet while Marilyn slept in a bit longer. To my dismay, I discovered that the Wi-Fi was down in the resort. Bummer!

The internet has been down all day and the management doesn’t know if it will be fixed today, so I promise to post this journal entry whenever I can.

Marilyn & I drove into Mercedes this morning, to have our coffee with our breakfast at “Mingo’s”. Our Huevos Rancheros were delicious as usual, with the fresh perked, steaming hot, coffee. The freshly cooked flour tortillas were also hot and tasty.

With our appetite satisfied, we drove up the street to GiGi’s Salon, to get our hair cut.

Later, looking all trim, we returned to the RV.

The internet is still not working, so we took turns in the shower and dressed in clean clothing, before sitting together to relax for awhile.

Jesse & Ginger planned a cocktail party today, to celebrate their one year anniversary as “Full-Timers,” in the RV community.

Because of the nasty weather, they decided that we could all go to one of the rooms above the library, to share snacks, conversation, games and laughter.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and it was about 3:30 when we returned to our little cozy home on wheels.

When we were in Hannibal, I purchased a Digital Recorder which can copy a VCR tape to a DVD. That is a very nice thing to have when you live in an RV. DVD’s take up so little space compared to the VHS tapes. We have lots of good movies we purchased a long time ago, and they are on tape. I would like to put them on a DVD, but most of them have copy protection and cannot be transferred to a DVD.

Anyway, I’ll get back to the subject at hand….

In conversation at the get-together today, several couples mentioned that they had never seen one of the movies we have on tape. I have been working to transfer it to a DVD so that we can all watch it on our large TV in the living room.

On another subject, we all have tickets to attend a show put on by a group called “Razz-ma-Tazz” on Thursday evening. That is the same night that “Survivor” is on TV, so I’ll have to record that show and invite several couples over to watch the replay.

We have some shopping to get done and we have a trip over to Mexico planned for Friday.

So much to do, and so little time! LOL

This retirement is wonderful and each day has it’s own exciting adventures.

Today was a good day, in spite of the nasty weather. We even had some Hail for a short time. All is well now that the storm has ended. So, we just have to wait to see what tomorrow has in store…..

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