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Kelly, Lori and me admiring Kelly's back yard garden

I was thriled to come home with 2 plants and a few...

Kelly with the bird

Alex making gravy


Pre dinner relaxing

Harman, who is Dutch, chilin with a view of Calabash Bight and...


6 Canadians, 6 Americans, 1 Dutchman, 1 turkey, 1 ham......

Alex and Kelly's house looking in from front deck

nice fresh rolls

typical upside down labels on canned goods

slaving over a hot oven

Kelly, Julie and Ed on the front deck

Lori watching the rolls and stirring the gravy

and John supervising

Alex's green bean casserole and stuffing

Lori's sweet yams

Lori made the ham also, it was delicious

carving the turkey

and finally the feast


I baked a pumpkin pie and apple cobbler for Thanksgiving and some...

Donna and Kathy, do you remember sitting on this dock in Coxen's...

the street in Coxen's Hole, fruit guy and CD/DVD guy. We bought...

We celebrated American Thanksgiving last Thursday at Calabash Bight Yacht Club, or our friends' Kelly and Alex's place. 6 Canadians, 6 Americans, 1 Dutchman, 1 turkey, 1 ham and all the fixings, several pies and lots of laughs. I came away with a couple of nice plants and some cuttings.

I even was offered a plate of leftovers, much appreciated. The Captain laughed when I pulled what I thought was a "silver bullet" out of a piece of ham. I figured that's how the poor piggie met his fate but John said it was the end of a meat thermometor. Lori had asked Kelly to watch for it in the soup, having no idea it had travelled all the way to Oak Ridge in my leftovers. Mark picked it up the next day and all is well.

We shopped for cool whip for the pies in first Coxen's Hole, where there was none and then in French Harbour, where we found it. Our favorite little lunch place in Coxens Hole was closed but we found an even better spot, right beside the cruise ships. Local prices, the musicn I love and lots of happy tourists made for a fun time. I was encouraged to see 2 ships in port and John saw 3 yesterday, two at the downtown Coxen's Hole terminal and one at the new Mahogany Bay terminal, just open this week.

Next update - Election Day in Roatan and a trip down island to Sandy Bay

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