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Jason and the bimmer

Meson Cuevas del Vino (the restaurant)

The dining area

The dining area

The wine that we drank came from this pig skin!

One of the ovens

Another oven

Cochinillo Asado (roasted suckling pig)

The local liquor helps with digestion

Holding up the roof!

Another dining room

Celebrities sign their names on the barrels

The bar

The yummy cinnamon desserts

Inside the cuevas (caves) underneath the restaurant!

Inside the cueva

Inside the cueva

Doing a little wine tasting in the cave

La Plaza Mayor

La Plaza Mayor

A fountain in the main square

A local paneria

Custom breads

A very sweet owner (no pun intended)!

Rather than buying a car while we are here in Spain, Jason rents cars on a regular basis to be able to commute to work each day and have available for weekend road trips. Each time Jason picks up a new car it is a surprise as to what he will get. Some weeks it's a larger car that makes it a bit challenging to navigate through the tight ramps of our underground parking. Other times, it is a smaller car like a Golf that makes it easy to zip around the city with ease.

This week, Jason was greatly surprised (and elated) to find that he was given a BMW 116D for two weeks; a car that he once considered buying and wanted to try out. It is because of this car that Jason suggested that we drive an hour south of Madrid for lunch one Saturday! Jason keeps telling me the real reason to go was to check out a new Spanish town….but I know better. ☺

We jumped in the bimmer and hit the open road toward Chinchon. Looking in the guidebook, we learned that the place that we HAD to have lunch in was Meson Cuevas del Vino. Once we approached the city, we randomly selected a road to go down toward the main plaza to park, but to our surprise the restaurant was on this road. We quickly parked and entered the restaurant for lunch.

Many of the buildings in Chinchon are built atop caves (cuevas), and this restaurant was no exception. This establishment is known for its wine cellars stored in the cave below the restaurant. The inside of this building is quite interesting! There are large beams that barely miss your head as it crosses the room. And hanging from the rafters are hams cured by the owners and homemade, spiced sausages. There is a main dining area aligned with HUGE ceramic vats for storing wine on either side and then off to the side is a small room where a little old lady fries up cinnamon biscuit desserts. If you so desire, you can pay a small price to take the stairs down to the cave where the wine is stored in their underground cellar. This cellar has been used for hundreds of years and it is only up until the last 50 years that it stopped being used. But you can still tour around and have a taste of wine while you are down there.

After lunch, we briefly toured around the small town of Chinchon. We visited the Plaza Mayor that also doubles as a bullring at times. As you walk along the plaza you can see the holes in the cement where they place wooden gates to create the bullring right there in the center of town. I think it would be exciting (and a little scary) to see a bullfight there!

When our quick tour was complete we jumped back in the bimmer and headed home! It was really about the car, anyway! ☺

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