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Means, "Hanging Houses"

Our restaurant in one of the casas colgadas

The Cathedral at night

Cuenca at night

Another Cuenca street at night

The center of Cuenca

Life in Cuenca

Life in Cuenca

Children in Cuenca getting water out of the fountain

The colorful buildings of Cuenca

Another view

A palm frond still hangs long after Easter

Jason hanging out in a cool lounge

One of the fountains in town

A lantern in a nearby church

Local museum

Looking out at the gorge behind the main town

The hanging houses of Cuenca

The Parador of Cuenca with a bridge to the main town

The Cathedral in town

A boda (wedding) in Cuenca

May 1st is Spain’s Labor Day! So Jason and I had a nice three-day weekend and decided to jump in the car and visit the small town of Cuenca that is about a two and a half hour drive east of Madrid. Cuenca is known for their “Casas Colgadas” (hanging houses). The older part of town is located high on a cliff overlooking the modern part of Cuenca, with houses built in the 13th and 14th centuries on the very edge of the gorge. It is quite a site to see! One of the “Casas Colgadas” has been transformed into a restaurant that Jason and I went to on the first night. We were lucky to have a table next to the window and got to have a spectacular view of the gorge just below us.

As Cuenca is a small town with not a lot of sites to see, it turned out to be a very relaxing weekend for us. Saturday was spent walking the entire length of the town from the very bottom, where you see colorful homes as you wind and twist up the road to the main part of Cuenca (that holds the town’s Plaza Mayor). We then continued to the parking area at the very top of the hill where you can capture a fantastic view of the Casa Colgados. Jason at one point ducked into the town’s local museum, while Gina was off photographing the town (also capturing a boda (wedding)!)

Since we exhausted all there was to see in Cuenca on Saturday, we spent Sunday in the car, starting with an hour-long drive on a loop through the country roads outside Cuenca. It was so peaceful to get away from the hustle and bustle of the towns and just be surrounded by the lakes and trees within the country. Because there were very few cars on the two lane road we were on, Jason allowed me to drive the car (something I will never do in Madrid or any other Spanish town because of the aggressive Spanish drivers and the crazy Spanish driving style). It was great to finally be behind the wheel again (it had been about four and a half months since I had driven) but I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I actually confused the brake for the clutch. Whoops!

Overall, it was a wonderful getaway to celebrate Spain’s Labor Day…and Mother’s Day that was celebrated on May 3rd in Spain.

Happy (early) Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! ☺

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