We Arrive & Begin the Hike 6 Km.

Bulgarian Countryside

Nuclear Power!

Plot Gardening is Popular & Necessary!

Orthodox Church Easter Morning!

Front of Red Flag Hostel - Leaving for the Bus

Main Cathedral at Night-Holy Week(Easter)

It's a Dogs Life

In Common Room Red Flag-Owner-Roy,Helper-Scott,& Tim

Common Site - Stork on a Pole

Village Where Greek Bus Dropped Us - 'Border' Town - HA!

Typical Wagon - Look at Those Lilacs!!

The Long, Long Road - Beautiful Weather!

Took of by bus to a border town which happened to be 6+ km short of actual border, early in am so we hiked to the actual crossing after discovering a taxi would cost $20 US,ha!Long bus ride!!!!!!!!!!!! Found a great hostel,Red Flag Varna Hostel,run by an Aussie guy - Roy with help from Scott another Aussie, lots of travellers and stories...this is what I really enjoy, the trading of stories and talking with folks who have seen where we are going. Not particularly cheap, but kitchen facilities and laundry and all the tea and Nescafe we can drink, Ha!

Went to the Archeological Museum yesterday(29th) and found out that this used to be called ....... an ancient port city. They found a necropolis in 1972 and in excavating discovered an intact tomb(among several hundred) of a man 40-50 yrs. old who apparently was well respected/wealthy/priest? From the remains etc. they dated the site at around 4500-4300BC with worked gold jewelry, etc. the oldest known in the world...predating Egyptian and Mesopotanian sites previously discovered!!

Very interesting and unusual stuff...the town is on Lake Varna, which also has 10 or so submerged sites of villages which flourished prior to 2200 BC but some cataclism caused the lake to rise 10 meters and buried them.

This is Orthodox Easter Weekend so there is much going on related to this celebration...we went into the main Cathedral yesterday and watched a continuous flow of humanity with flowers getting blessed by the priest and lighting their candles...Mari went to 4-5 Cathedrals herself and says she was blessed at every one!!

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