Our setup, we're comfy in warm temperatures

the park is full this time of the year, good weather brings...

getting advise from the ranger before entering the Kickapoo cave

Rebecca getting ready to go in

down, down into the bowel of the earth, "good bye cruel world"!

A look up at others coming into the cave

whew, take a break

a few halactites on a wall.

From Alpine, TX if you get on hwy 90 and head east you'll get to Del Rio roughly 180 miles later. Laughlin AFB is 6 miles east of Del Rio, on hwy 90. Laughlin AFB is a small base as it's mission is to train entry level flyers the rudimentary tasks of keeping the plane in the air. Students graduating from here are subsequently sent to a fighter jet assignment or a cargo plane assignment.

With a FAMCAMP, golf course and a lake nearby we've got it pretty well made by staying here. If one doesn't mind a little noise from the little "Tweety Bird" propellar planes or the tiny jets that buzz all day it's not a bad place. We, of course, don't mind the little noises theses birds make.

For the three weeks we'll be in the area, we'll spend 2 weeks here on base then go for 1 week out to Lake Amistad. The base has a marina and RV park out there, we'll try our hand at fishing for strippers, largemouths and white bass.

Our Thanksgiving day celebration was different this year. We had hoped/planned on the club on base to have something going. It didn't. Our camphost told us that the Ramada Inn in town has a terrific and cheap buffet. We made our reservations and enjoyed it very much. Eating out like that can be good and bad for you. We ate lightly and sensible. The bad part about e buffet thanksgiving is that leftovers are non-existent. No mid-night turkey sandwiches, darn.

The first saturday we were here, we learned about a state park that has a cave and it's near us. The park, Kickapoo Cavern State Park is not open to the public full-time, yet. It's named, Kickapoo for the indian tribe of the same name that roamed thru this area long ago. Still in development but they have cave tours twice each week, just so happened we got in a group. It's rustic and will not be improved like most of the commercial caves you've seen. This one is SO RUSTIC, they make you sign waivers and releases and state you must be in good physical shape, wear rugged boots and have two working flashlights. We knew we're in for a treat, when the park rangers haul you up a 4X4 road and then you hike up 100 yards to the cave opening. There's no sidewalks, handrails, lighting and once you're in you climb over rubble, rocks and see a cave just about like it was found in 1882.

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