2009-2010 - a Change in Priorities travel blog

Carson & Amelia(2 yr. olds)

Little bounty(Beckett,Dylan,Will)

Paul & Alex (college grandsons)

Departing Oyster Bay

USS New York

First bridge of many

The way ahead

With the words of the famous Johnny Cash song "On the road again" ringing in our ears, we departed Oyster Bay in mid morning on Saturday. The delay was for a missbegotten trip over the bridge to the pharmacy to pick up some meds for Jean. Seems they decided that the days after Thanksgiving were a good time to stay closed thru the weekend.

Speaking of which, our Turkey Day gathering was spectacular. Kim, David and the college boys arrived the night before and we moved off to the boat for a little settling in. Early Thanksgiving morning the oven was running hot and continuous as pies and sides slid in under the big bird. Wrights and Lavinders arrived in time for pictures. The five little cousins had the center of attention as Nany pulled out a batch of toys, carefully selected from "Smiles" the local second hand store. The turkey was ready by two and we were stuffed by four. The Arlington families left before dark and the rest, too full to exert much energy, watched some football and waited for the digestive process to begin. Friday after saying goodbye to David, Kim, Alex and Paul, we commenced a frantic transfer of last minute items to the boat. And, oh yes, there was some turkey, dressing and gravy left to go.

Several Oyster Bay friends were on hand for the departure and we exchanged whistle signals well into the channel. Our first night was at anchor and was determined by the early sunset. As a rule we don't travel much during darkness and the spot off Sandy Point, SW of Reedsville was a perfect choice. Calm but cool, we soon found our way under the down blanket to read and sleep.

On Sunday we made it thru the Norfolk Naval complex and passed the newly commissioned USS New York, constructed in part from steel from the twin towers. The nice thing about picking a weekend to get thru this area is found in the paucity of commercial traffic and the willingness of the bridge tenders to open in the non-rush hour environment. Again, our daylight ran out as we approached the decision point on the Dismal Swamp and Virginia Cut routes. At the juncture we found the free dock at the Chesapeake Bay Boat Yard to our liking and soon tied up. Thru much of the early night we heard fishermen outside pursuing the sea trout that were abundant at the place.

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