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November 29, 2009

Hi Everyone,

I know it has been a long time since we have sent an update but we were just having too much fun at Aunt Barbara’s and Uncle David’s. First I will try to recap some of our adventures for the last 5 weeks.

First of all, after so much truck trouble (and it still was not fixed) we decided to cut some of our trip out. We really wanted to see Billy & Peggy in Galveston and Kim Feltz in Corpus Christie area, but that will have to take place another time. Actually, we may get to see Billy & Peggy next summer, hope, hope. Billy said last night that if possible they are going to try to come up our way next summer so we can show them Washington State. We will be praying for that one.

We called Barbara & David and asked if we could show up a little early and they of course said OK! That’s when we found out that Jack & Perri’s house had burnt down. We arrived at Barb & David’s 10/22, rested up for a day and on Saturday we all went to Jack & Perri’s to help catalog some of the destroyed stuff for the insurance. They really are lucky to have so many wonderful friends there helping.

Went with B & D to David’s Dr’s appt. to have another hormone implant done and then grocery shopping. By the way, please include David Pearce in your prayers as his PSA number has gone up and they are concerned now too. On 10/29 Dave finally got someone to fix the throttle sensor on the truck and we thought our truck troubles were over……to the tune of $2,500. Thank you God for looking out for us as I am sure it could have been worse.

On Sunday, Nov.1, Barb and I headed to Fort Worth again to attend a Home Shower some friends were having for Jack & Perri. Wow what a great group of friends and people Jack and Perri don’t even know from neighboring churches contributed SOO MUCH. It was amazing. Barb and I stayed at Jeff & Dianna’s on Sunday and Monday night. Monday we took gift cards and cash that they received and shopped for them. They had been staying at a friend’s Bed & Breakfast since the fire and on Monday they we getting to move into a house the insurance co. rented for them. The insurance co. also rented furniture and essentials, like dishes, a few pots & pans, some linens, a vacuum, etc. We shopped mostly for the pantry and fresh food for the refrigerator plus some other stuff, like cat litter box, dog & cat food, etc. Beyond the shopping we had a wonderful visit with Jeff, Dianna, & Kaitlin (their 12 yr. Old daughter). They were so gracious, giving each of us a room and dinner each night. Dianna works as a nurse in a dr’s office and brought home some sample of the medicine Dave takes and some for Barb & David too. How nice of her. Dave’s is the one that costs us about $110. Every 3 months and she gave him enough for almost a year. By the way, they also said they may come out next summer for a visit. That would be wonderful. Jeff said he would love to see those girls again who tried to put polish on his fingernails. 

After that visit, we came home and B & D took us to a HUGE casino in Oklahoma for a free breakfast buffet they give seniors every Wednesday. We of course did some gambling, lost but had 2 free breakfast buffets and lots of fun for only $15. Not bad. Then on 11/5 Dave and David went golfing and Barb & I went to her doctor’s appointment. Next day we tried our luck at Bingo……not even close to a bingo. Still had fun. Nov. 10th we went to Oklahoma to Fields Pie company. They sell seconds for $3.50 and they are really good and I could not find a reason to categorize them as a second. We picked up several for Thanksgiving plus several for others who asked Barbara to pick some up for them, too. Then it was off to see an Indian chocolate factory named Bedre………..really good chocolate. We stopped at Turner Falls for a picnic and to see the falls and the castle there. It was a beautiful day.

Next few days we mostly hung out at B & D’s or did laundry, or went shopping for Thanksgiving or to pick up some Christmas gifts.

Jim (Dave’s brother who lives in Mississippi.) arrived on 11/17 and since he loves going to the casino, we all went on Wednesday the 18th. Dave lost his $20 but I only lost $.65. Not too bad. On the 19th Jeff ( Barb’s other son) came to go golfing with Jim, Dave and David. His daughter, Kaitlin came along and visited with Barb and I. Later that day, I got a perm. Hooray! Can’t remember which day it was that we all went to the Methodist Church that is across from B & D’s Baptist Church for a Thanksgiving feast. The 2 churches take turns and one year one provides the dinner and the space to serve the dinner, and the other provides the dessert. Then they reverse it for the next year. The next few days we just got ready for Thanksgiving and taught Jim the card game, “Sequence.” He’s hooked, not only on Casinos now, but playing Sequence too. 

On 11/23 we all went with B & D to watch them bowl. They bowl on a league for seniors every Monday and their name is “Git ‘er Done” They also were having their Thanksgiving potluck, so we all had Thanksgiving dinner again. I was starting to get used to that Thanksgiving fare.

On 11/24 it was off to the Casino for our last hurrah “Free Breakfast” and a couple hours of playing the slots. As usual we lost about $40, but we had gobs of fun. On Thanksgiving it was 9 of us, Dave & I, Barb & David, Jim, Jack and Perri and their 2 girls, Lauren and Amber. We had a great day and Jack and Perri taught us a new game called LRC. All in all it was a great day and wonderful to see Barb, Dave and Jim together.

Well that brings us up to Friday after Thanksgiving, when Jim left for Mississippi, and we pulled out of Barb & David’s back yard and started out on our trip home. Everything seemed ok at first and then the truck started jerking like it did before. I was shocked and could not believe it was happening all over again. Dave stopped at Camping World to ask a few questions, all the while I was praying in the truck for God to PLEASE heal our truck. We pulled out of the parking lot, starting out slowly on our way towards Midessa Oil Patch RV Park. I’m sure God heard and answered my prayer because the truck never did it again. Thank you, dear Jesus. We were granted our miracle healing of our truck.

We stayed in Midessa Friday night and Las Cruces on Saturday night. We went to Saturday night mass at Holy Cross Church and left for Tucson on Sunday morning. We are now at Rincon Country West RV Resort and plan to stay for a couple of days before we start going farther north to get home before Christmas.

Sorry this was so long, but wanted you to know why I didn't write.....WE WERE BUSY! ! We miss you all and love you so much. Will try to send a picture with my next journal entry. Bye for now. Dave and Denise (alias Mom and Dad to some.)

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