Park entrance sign

Los caballo's

Los Caballo's, what they look like

more Los caballo's

this used to be a marshy meadow

Rio Grande village store

we ate lunch in this park

The Rio Grande downriver

Rio Grande upriver

local plants

local plants, agave

local plants, cholla

local plants, desert agave

lechuguilla board

real lechuguilla

prickly pear cactus.

pretty birds

pretty birds

dad's pretty girls


The Chisos Basin window to the valley, 6330 feet alt.

Chisos Basin window over our shoulder

The Window down to the valley

Daniels farm board

Daniels farm house

Daniels farm house, has rock floors

we call this sitting man hill

sitting man hill

more reall coool mtns

snaggle tooth mountain

Boquillas, Mexico in the background and men in foreground, they own ....

these goods in the parking lot, don't buy the goods, not legal

about Boquillas canyon

For the second half of our adventure into the Big Bend area we just had to drive from Alpine east to Marathon then south on hwy 385 to arrived at the north entrance to Big Bend National Park. While at the visitors center there we picked up several books we have looked for at other stores but couldn’t find. Dave found two geology books and Becky found a novel and bird and butterfly books. Not wanting to burn too much daylight we headed out to find what is around the next hundred or so bends in the road. We knew going in this would be a longer drive day (about 280 miles roundtrip) than at the state park (about 230 miles roundtrip). We thoroughly enjoyed todays drive through all the mountains, valleys, figuring out all the geologic formations. We didn’t see too much wildlife, we did note 3 foxes, several roadrunners and many common birds. Dave knows that the Rio Grande has trout in it, but we didn’t fish. We’ll do that on succeeding trips. We found out also there are 5 to 7 day float trips available, Dave would really like to do one of those some day. If our readers have limited time here, one should be sure to visit the Chisos Basin, within the park. Enjoy the pictures of this wonderful National Park, we enjoyed the day and will return for an extended stay in years to come. For more info about this park go to: www.nps.gov/bibe

For other RV'ers out there, RV parks are in good supply. If your RV is over 20 feet, your selections are few but good. For a close central location choose something in Terlingua, Study Butte. If you want to be in the Nat'l Park go to Rio Grande Village RV Park. DO NOT attempt to take your RV on hwy 170 past Madera Canyon and La Questa View point, the 1 mile 15% grade might surprise you and your engine/transmission/brakes/screaming passengers/insurance company etc, etc...

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