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Sonoran Desert


see the cactus ribs/skeleton?


Barrel catus and a prickly pear ofter live together


Elevation 3000 feet


Javelina rocks



Horse ranch Tuscon style

Another ranch

Chili peppers

Today's lunch

Food fendors at the Mission on the reservation

San Xavier Mission

School yard






Chapel to honor the dead

Are you thinking, seen one desert seen them all? What has been learned this trip by us is that there are significant differences in the four desert reginons of the USA. Big Bend lies in the Chihauhaun Desert which we share with Mexico. It boosts higher elevations, more trees, and more animal life. With elevation also comes more defined weather seasons including snow! Here in Tucson lies the Sonoran Desert. It is a low shrub type desert with selective animals, and a generally more even warm climate. There are many species of cacti; not every desert has every species. Now you know!

Being an RVer has allowed us to enjoy everywhere we've been to the precise level we desire. Yes, I'm trying to allure all you almost ready to retire people to join in the great life. Sitting at home in the rocking chair will come all too soon. I believe some of our cobwebs are swept away by staying on the road and connected to life. Realizing you are in control of personal calendar brings on a big grin.

The saguaro has been called monarch of the Sonoran Desert; the supreme symbol of the Southwest. Its many shapes intrigue my fanciful imagination. The park is divided into east and west. The eastern park suited our bodies better. The most strenuous walk was crawling around on the Javelina Rocks. An eight mile scenic drive allowed us to stop for several 2-3 mile round trip walks which allow us to take a break.

We have just pulled into a Flyin J(friendly to RV's) as there is a dust storm in progress. We saw a +10 car/3 18 wheeler pile up spanning both sides of the road-ugh! As we're sitting here with others, news came(we heard) the helicopter landing. The interstate is now closed. It pays to use caution-so we'll sit it out!

After a breakfast burrito large than I could finish, we are heading to Quartzite with a stop in Yuma. Igads! out of the blue we are in a dust storm; police sirens screaming; a ten+ vehicle rear ender

San Xavier is an historic Spanish Catholic Mission. It is situated in the middle of a centuries old indian settlement, Tohon O'odham. The mission was established in 1699 by Jesuit Missionaries. 1783-1797 Fransciscan Fathers, using native laborers contructed this quietly elegant mission. Incidentally, it is thought the native laborers doubled as the craftsmen, artisans. The front doors are carved mesquite. Today it remains an active Roman Catholic Church and school.

After eating a late lunch at an unique lunch place, we visited San Xavier. The Franciscan Monks can wait while I describe lunch! Beyond Bread is a bread bakery also preparing ecclectic sandwhiches! Choosing to sit in the outdoor patio area made the very healthy style food even better.

San Xavier is an historic Spanish Catholic Mission. It is situated in the middle of a centuries old Indian settlement, Tohono O'odham. The mission was established in 1699 by Jesuit missionaries. Franciscan Fathers along with native laborers constructed the buildings from 1783-1797. Incidentally, it is thought the artisans and craftsmen came from the common laborer. Quietly elegant wooden doors were carved from mesquite.

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