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day 27, 13th on the 6's - tues, 13th - drove through tulsa in a foggy misty day no good photos there except some old gas/rest.,/etc of yesteryear... we finally found a campground on rt66 and it was a dump... but we stayed there anyway because the next closest was some 50mi away... camping will get better as we start to go due west instead of sw... we cannot seem to shake this miserable weather... this is the worst trip we have ever had for bad rainy/foggy/misty weather - the clouds causes our cell phones/gps/spot not to work...today we tried to call a campground, couldn't get through, went there only to find out they were closed for the winter... (mel, pryor is the actor, sorry...) had BBQ at wilson's a famous BBQ spot in tulsa, also my daughters married name. we could write a book on our conversations with all the people we've met and talked too, all ages! problem is, i cannot write... BTW, when you see our photos of the old hard to read signs on most of the old buildings in towns, they are called "ghost" signs, some are great like a 5c cigar etc.

our day 13 on rt66 photo...


our google map camp location


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