Our 2009 Route 66 Trip... travel blog

our day 26 in the misty rain, day 12 on rt 22 - mon 12th we drove through several towns (mel pryor see your very own bridge, creek and sign to your town photos) we drove for 10mi on what is the last of the original preserved first rt66 road, it is only 8 feet wide with curbing... the largest mcdonalds in the world where I-44 cars & trucks go under you as you eat... mickey mantel, will rogers and patti page's home towns... we are now camping near claremore... campsites are rare on the 6's...

ron & bebe

our day 12 on rt 66 photos (still no captions, GO FIGURE) most everything is either 1920s or 40s, old gas/motels/buildings -

what your seeing in these photos is the beginnings of america as we know it today, these buildings and the people who built them were the ones who built america, it was through their hard labor we have what we have today - in today's world it would never happen, our young kids would NEVER endure the hardships these people had to do, much like the pioneers of the west. the shame of it all, you can also see from our photos, the young are letting it die. instead of keeping the old, they go to college, play sports or watch it on tv/text message/ipods/iphones/pc's, move and work at starbucks in some big city... yeah, i know, who am i????


our google map camp location


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