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View from the plane

Andes mountains

Hills surrounding Cusco

Outskirts of Cusco

Cusco from the air

Coming in for a landing

I landed at around 4am, after 3 uneventful flights from Halifax, and managed to make it in time for a 5:45am flight to Cusco. The plane was pretty large (I had been expecting it be the same size as the ones I fly on to Boston)and the 1-hour flight to Cusco was amazing. Once we cleared the low-lying fog that hangs around the coast, I had a great view of the terrain below me. We flew through the snow-capped peaks of the Andes and had to fly around the steep hills that encircle Cusco. Flights to Cusco are frequently cancelled when the visibility is bad, especially during the afternoons when it tends to be foggier. It was easy to see why... flying through those mountains must be tough.

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