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Sweet view

Rode our bikes to the Cape of Good Hope

Top of table mountain

View from the top


Hey all,

I am in love with this city. I had heard that it was beautiful, but I could not have imagined what an understatement that would be. I went on a day tour of the Cape Peninsula. I took a boat out to see the Cape Fur Seals. There were hundreds of them chillin on rocks and playing in the water. Some were showing off for us, they are too cute!! Then the tour took us to Simon's Town where the Jackass Penguins are.Ohhh my goodness, the way penguins walk is precious. I could sit and watch them for hours. I watched one little guy building a nest for what I'm assuming was his woman. She was in the nest and he would go and get a stick and bring it to the hole/nest type thing. Then he'd stand there and she'd kinda shake her head. So off he went to get another stick. And so on for the whole time I was there. It's like she was saying "not good enough buddy". Too cute. Then off we went to Cape Point where the currents of two oceans meet. It all depends on tides and things so we didn't actually get to see anything but the view was breathtaking. After we mountain biked to the Cape of Good Hope, which is the most South Western point in Africa. I can not explain the beauty nor will pictures do it justice. I will post a picture though once I find a computer I can do it from. Oh oh and I saw a family of baboons. One had only three legs and the other two were packing their babies on their backs. I was blown away. Baboons in the streets. Too cool. It was a wonderful day, top notch!

The next day I was all stressed cause my flight to Kenya had been cancelled and making a local call was proving to be a mission when this guy from Finland came up to me at breakfast in the hostel and asked what I was doing that day. He said that him and his friend were going to hike Table Mountain and I was welcome to join them. I was really wanting to hike the mountain (I know, who just said that) but I was told not to do it alone cause it can be dangerous for women alone. Anyways, we set on our journey. All I have to say is thay Mt.Sinai was only training for this mountain. The whole thing was stone stairs for 2.5 gruelling hours. Wow, if I had been alone I would have said see ya later half way up but I couldn't look like a wimp. The view from the top made me forget all of the pain. All around me was ocean and mountains. UNBELIEVEABLE!!! Oh and there was one other saving grace...the cable car down. Now we're talkin'!! The Finland guys were cool cats and one of them was suffering from an evil Tequilla hangover so he was more on my wave length. It was great. I was grateful for the challenge. I know I know, i swear it's me talking here. Grateful for the challenge, I don't think I have ever said those words, but I was and I am looking forward to the next one too.

This morning I had to get up at 4am to catch my flight so I went out to the kitchen to make some toast and it was just the night watch guy out there so I offered to make him some toast too. We got to chatting and then he says "are you going to come back to Cape Town?" I said "Hopefully someday". Then he drops the marrige bomb, saying that when I come back he wants to marry me and take me to his homeland. I was like don't let the toast making thing fool ya, I don't all. It was pretty cute though. My time in Cape Town was for too short, all the more reason to go back one day. Kenya, here I come!!!

Much Love,


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