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Our first trip to this park in Florida and what a pretty place. The spots are roomy and the park is just perfect. There is a paved trail down to the beach which is virtually a private beach. It belongs to the park so only park guests use it which means no crowds. The trail to the beach is 7/10ths. of a mile and is excellent for jogging, walking or biking. I got up and ran to the beach each morning before breakfast.

We came to this campground at the recommendation of our friends Leon and Lisa. They were told about it from a co-worker of Leon's. They brought their camper and set up just two spaces away. It was their young son's first trip to the beach and he had a blast. We had fun watching him explore the new sites, sounds, and tastes (he put a little sand in his mouth).

One of my older brothers came along on the trip and stayed with me and Sauncee in our 5th wheel. This was our first time to dive together and it was memorable. We dove some nearby springs one day and then dove the gulf a few days later. The water temperature was cold so most of the divers had quite a bit of snibble gear on to try and keep warm. One lady pulled her hoody down below her chin and almost choked herself to death. One of the dive masters jumped in and went to her rescue. While she was out there choking, her boyfriend tried to catch a tank that fell over on the boat and ended up breaking his arm. I think they should do something to try and change their luck, she's out in the water choking to death and he is on the boat with a broken arm. She was ok but we did have to call the trip off and head back in so he could get to the hospital. We had only used one tank so we got a free dive from the shop for our next visit because it was supposed to be a two tank dive.

We spent most of our days at the campground and went out to eat every evening. The Destin area has plenty of good places to eat and we like to eat. We started the tradition of bacon and scrambled eggs at our camper each morning. There is nothing like the smell of bacon at a campground. There were several grillings at noon time with hamburgers, hot dogs, and steaks. Overall the cooking and eating was great.

I mentioned above that our little one put sand in his mouth one day. That was not funny but what followed was pretty comical. His mother took him on back the camper to clean him up while we stayed at the beach for a little while longer. When we left to go back to the campers, Sauncee and I were walking a few yards ahead of my brother and the little one's daddy. We passed some campers that were headed to the beach and I spoke as they walked by, as they passed my brother and my friend, I heard my brother say " Hurry up Junior, you're walking too slow". I was a little confused by the statement because they are of no relation to each other, so I turned to see why he said that. When I looked, I almost fell off the trail laughing. My friend was carrying his son's plastic beach pail and shovel. That statement made him look like a big old retarded kid walking with his daddy. (see pics)

The last day we were there, a man and his wife pulled into the spot next to ours while the three of us guys were sitting outside on the picnic table. The man got out, we spoke and offered him a beverage. That was it, he sat down and we became quick friends and started enjoying each others company. About 45 minutes later, his wife came out of their camper and just lit into him about setting the camper up. He hadn't done a thing as far as setting up for their stay. She won, he got up and got busy setting up. The friendship was short lived, we didn't see him anymore after that.

This trip had several "firsts" in it. We started the breakfrast tradition, it was our first chance to camp with our friends, it was their son's first trip to the beach, it was our first trip to topsail hill and it was the first time Sauncee and I got to dive with my brother. We had a really good time and just love this park. We will definitely make it an annual event or maybe even more often.

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