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Spot the pinky minky....

Phil and Nick all flipped up !!

Our own private boat for the day !

Two monkeys on the boat...!

Two lovely ladies in the sea

Nick and Phil chillin'

Our flight was a little more amicable so we had time to have breakfast at the airport (egg and bacon, ummm !!), and we were all on the same flight which was nice ! It was a small plane with only a pilot and co-pilot (no attendants, no safety demonstration) and there were 5 rows of 3 seats. We landed in Los Roques an hour later, and the islands looked amazing as we flew in. A man was at the airport to meet us and take us to our Pousada (Eva). It was a nice pousada, but nothing special. The first day we spent looking around town and relaxing. We had lunch with Rum and played cards at the pousada. Dinner was included in our deal and so we took our dinner out in front of the Pousada. Directly opposite us was a football/ basketball court and then the beach. We often watched them playing football, Phil and Nick were going to give a few lessons but we were on holiday so we refrained......

On the second day Monica went diving at Boca de Cote. It was a good dive with clear waters and she saw a big turtle, a huge eel and a manta ray (as well as lots of other fish). They only had a thin (3mm) wet suit so it did get a bit cold in the water.

Phil, Lindsey and Nick took a boat to a neighbouring island (Madrizqui) and did a bit of snorkelling and sunbathing. There was a lot of coral and sea cucumbers (don't like them much). Lindsey was stung twice by something in the coral, once on the leg and then she fell and was stung on the bum !

In the evening we had dinner, but unfortunately Phil and Lindsey both had a stomach bug and this limited the amount of food that they could eat. This lasted for the rest of the days, but hopefully did not impact too much on their enjoyment as we still all did everything during the day as planned.

The next day we went to Franzisqui island. It was raining and we all huddled under an umbrella for an hour until it stopped. Phil and Nick then had a windsurfing lesson and were obvioulsy naturals...... not ! It was quite difficult and by the end they could both stand on the board, but that was about it ! Monica and Lindsey took the relaxing option and sunbathed and read for the day. We returned to Grand Roques mid afternoon and had a nap before dinner. In the evening it was cards, by now the game of predictions was hotting up with Phil (Pinky Minky) and Lindsey (Monkfish, or Muchacha) were getting the hang of it !

Breakfasts were fairly good at the pousada and consisted of pancakes or eggs with bread and cheese, ham and jam. As Phil and Lindsey still weren't feeling great we decided to have a day taking it easy near the Pousada. We sat on the beach for a while and while Phil and Nick fell asleep, the urge for shopping gripped Monica and Lindsey and they went off to have a look around. Unfortunately the shopping did not take long as there were only a few shops ! In the evening it was dinner followed by cards and a few drinks.

Outside our pousada there was a pool of water where we were supposed to wash our feet but the dogs would come and drink. We would invite them over to 'have a drink my friend !' and they would oblige.

On our final day in Los Roques we rented a boat for the day. After a bit of hassle, we finally got one and set sail for Boca de Cote to do do some snorkelling. It was a good place to snorkel and we saw lots of fish (and monica managed to do 6 somersaults underwater !!!!). We then headed to Norezqui island, and we had the island to ourselves, except for the pesky seagulls which made loads of noise. However the sea was turquoise and calm, it was a beautiful setting, a kind of paradise. There wasn't even any tumble hay blowing along the beach, eh Lindsey ?!!

Phil and Nick went out snorkelling. Nick thought he saw a type of eel and as Phil was standing cleaning out his mask Nick shouted, there is an eel around your legs !!! Nick has never seen Phil look so scared as he started shouting obsenities at the non existant eel !!!!! How they laughed after......

The boat returned to pick us up at 5pm. We had a nice dinner and finished off the rum and a couple of bottles of wine as Phil and Lindsey said they were feeling a bit better. After several rounds of cards (and shouting 'I got worms dude') we hit the sack.

Our flight was at 11am and there was no airport, just a lady with a clipboard ticking you in !! Our flight left early (when everyone was there) and only took half an hour. We then sat with Phil and lindsey until they had to check in for their flight.

Nick (or El Twigo as Phil christened him) and Monica would like to thank Phil and Lindsey for their excellent company. We truely had a great time.


OSPREY VENEZUELA - provided no help, and did not do what they said they would

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