Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

This morning I was up very early so I could get Daisy to American Dream Vacations by 8:30 for a much-needed wash and wax job. “Bumpy” (real name David Bumpass) did a good job and Daisy looks so much better. She had a lot of road grime on her. The job took several hours but I didn’t mind the wait because I had a book to read while I waited.

I arrived at my new home in Midtown RV Park about mid-afternoon. It is on Airport Road near the junction with US 183 South. It isn’t quite so nice as Royal Palms but that little flaw is outweighed by its lower monthly rate, larger laundry, location a little closer to downtown and my ability to use WiFi from my rig. I committed to a one-month stay. If I don’t like living here, I can move again. Ah! The freedom of being a full-time RVer! The manager, Patty Smith, told me about some improvements that they have already made since she and her husband arrived five months ago. More improvements are scheduled, including filling in low places next week. (

It was dark and dreary all day with intermittent light rain. At first I feared that the weather would interfere with Daisy’s “spa treatment” but it didn’t. If it had started raining, Bumpy would have moved Daisy into a covered parking area to do the waxing.

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