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This afternoon I picked up my forwarded mail from the downtown Post Office. It was mostly bills, including a toll violation bill from the Colorado Public Highway Authority. They say I owe them the original toll of $7.50 plus a civil penalty of $70 plus a fee of $9.00. Yikes! I had paid the $7.50 toll a month ago. I don’t know how they can say I violated their system because there was no place on the toll road to make a payment! They say that the $70 penalty will be waived if a credit card payment is made online by 11/05/09. Of course, since I received the notice just today, it is well past the due date. They say that toll evasion may be deemed a theft of service. Is this Colorado’s way of encouraging out-of-state tourists to visit? Every year Texans drop a lot of cash in that state!

Also included in my mail packet was a token of appreciation from the editor of Escapees magazine for a one of the six ‘Mountains Majesty’ photos which I had contributed for the “Viewfinder” page. It is a foam water bottle holder with a long strap, which will be especially handy to carry while hiking. They selected the one taken at Pompey’s Pillar National Monument near Billings, Montana.

A Medicare Workshop at the Senior Center was helpful. I learned a few useful tidbits which can help me save some money on health care costs. I need to get busy evaluating my options and make a decision before the end of the year. I detest this kind of ‘shopping’!

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