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No way! The rain will not prevent today's plans. Touring with Dee alleviates the driving/parking issues associated with a new city. We anticipated the pomp and circumstance associated with graduation exercises at Lackland AF Base; however, the rain limited us but not the families of boot camp graduates. The base is unbelievably large. I continue to be fascinated by the military, basically how well it takes care of its own. The military is to be admired. Civilians would profit from patterning our work ethics with a little more military discipline. No wonder the radiology students felt I would have made a great drill sargent. The aviation pictures will say more than I can relay. How impressive the planes are up close and personal! I,especially, found the landing area massive-able to accommodate even the space shuttle. The entire base has curb appeal. Retirees and their RV's are well taken care of. This was something we noticed at Yuma Proving Ground,also. The military RV park was located picturesquely along the Colorado River. On downtown, we go dressed in rain gear. First stop, Texas Ranger Museum located in the oldest saloon in Texas, Buckhorn Saloon. Under this roof was more to see than could be comprehended. It is well orchestrated for maximum viewing. Texas history, the Ranger gallery, and displays of life and times in the old west were worth the admission cost. Lunch didn't come a minute too soon as we set out early today with a small breakfast. Saltgrass Restaurant on the Riverwalk was delicious. You never truly know how good the food is when you're starving-ha! Texas ribs, luncheon size steak, and a big salad filled us. Incidentally, I tried tortilla soup. Probably not something I'd select again, but tasty. Now we can continue on to the Alamo. Should I be embarrassed to say I understand the history more clearly now? Well, I do. There is a restoration team "lifting" the original stencil pattern. Judging by construction, difficulty of obtaining and/or utilizing resources reminds us how fortunate we are in modern times. Do you think many folks of this time would put forth this much physical effort? I have my doubts. The Alamo symbolizes a battle for freedom, The Texas Revolution. Prior to the final battle, February, 1836, Ben Milam victoriously led Texans in a house to house fight against Mexican army control. This win allowed the Texas volunteers to occupy the Alamo. Two months later, the Alamo was under a surprise attack by Gen. Santa Anna. Giving their lives rather than surrender, the Alamo became a fortress for the volunteers. The fighting seems unequal and brutal. David Crockett and Jim Bowie are the most legendary fighters at the battle of the Alamo. By 5:00PM we were dragging ourselves back to the coach. It is a wonderful feeling being able to return to your own surroundings. We earned a lazy morning meeting Dee, Naomi, and Kai for some Texas style barbecue. Be sure to go to Rudy's Barbecue. Picnic tables, meat wrapping paper place mats, meats smoking over a wood fire, friendly atmosphere were delightful. This dining experience will not be forgotten. Once it became evident we were "first timers", they practically fed us a meal in samples! Even the sides are most delicious, creamed corn takes first place for Dee. Peach cobbler is the state desert. Every menu boasts peach cobbler. Not wanting to disappoint Rudy's we indulged ourselves. It is now time for us to prepare for take off. The road will take us ultimately to Quartzite. Return for tidbits of scenery between here and there.

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