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Not much going on this week except for topping off the tan. I am on Fafa Island at in the Tongatapu Group, The Kingdom of Tonga. I have managed to get out scuba diving and snorkeling and also I have spent some quality time in a hammock, reading either a book or the inside of my eyelids.

I need the rest after the craziness I got up to last week. I finished off my diving in Vanuatu doing a 48 meter dive to the "Engine Room". Deepest I've ever been and I almost got lost inside the ship! The following day I went on the Millennium Cave hike which was probably more dangerous then the dive. It starts off wandering over a bamboo bridge, which as it decays they just throw more bamboo on, and gets progressively more hazardous from there. I had to climb down hand made ladders in muddy shoes, walk through a pitch black cave knee deep in water trying to keep my feet under me, scamper over rocks, squeeze through boulders, float down a river and then climb straight up a water fall and more of those really well built ladders to get out of the canyon! Absolutely incredible! The safest part of the whole day was drinking the water in the village? I ended my time in Santo with a visit to the "Blue Holes" which just have to be seen to believe.

I flew out to Port Vila, Efate, Vanuatu and spent a day visiting the Market and drinking Espresso at Nambawan Cafe. Great country, extremely friendly people and they love Americans!

I've a few more days in Fafa and then it is off to French Polynesia. I know, I can hear you all saying "poor Frank" as I type this.

My love to all.



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