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BIG flags


Houston has multiple hwy mazes

Jumper cables for the 18 wheeler

Rest area

Another view of rest area

Jumpers from our truck to his

Texas longhorns



A Czech communitiy we drove through-

Our RV park is on this ranch

There are some things that are a given in regards to Texas...US & state flags are gargantuous and displayed frequently, farms are ranches-whether modest or sprawling the home is a spacious one story with fenced yard, and neat/tidy; Texans are friendly and proud; the Houston skyline is impressive-I'm always intrigued with city sky lines; rush hour traffic is orderly unlike the east coast(shame on y'all); hospitals are architecturally modern; Texas brisket barbecueeque signs entice to the point of drooling-oops!. At 150 miles outside of San Antonio, topography has changed to lower scrubby trees, rolling mounds as opposed to hills, cattle ranches, oil wells just a pumpin', and , most importantly, the roads have smoothed out considerably. GSamaritanitan, Corky! But an 18 wheeler loaded with 20,000 fresh chickens, individually boxed!! As you will see from the pictures our rig supplied the needed charge for the cab of this "bird wagon".

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