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Saturday, Nov. 14

Just a lazy kinda day. Didn’t do much of anything. Took a nice morning walk. Then Barb and I took a couple long walks just around the CG, it’s a big one so takes a while to just wander around it. Read a bunch too. Just a gorgeous day, mid 70’s.

Sunday was another beautiful day. Took a hike out on a trail system, it is the rifle deer season down here too but this area was supposed to be in a closed area. Had heard some shots earlier in the day but didn’t see anybody at all. Saw some old cemeteries and old foundations of buildings from the old days. Some of the gravestones dated in the 1800’s.

When we got back to the CG and took a stroll later in the afternoon we saw a sight we had never seen before. A guy was skinning a deer. Not what you normally see. Cause this CG is not a small one deep in the woods.

It was a very warm evening, probably the warmest since we left. At one point a bunch of coyotes were howling and yipping and an owl nearby was hooting. A little later a tug/barge came thrum thrumming down the lake and since there was no wind and the lake was flat calm, it was kind of a mesmerizing sound. Boy those guys are slow. Our site is right on the water and it felt like the barge was coming right for us. There was an incredibly bright spotlight shining out in front and every once in a while it swung side to side, wow was it bright when it hit my eyes. After the barge finally went down the lake it was really quiet in the CG, unlike last night when there were some partiers.

This morning we packed up and headed south again. For the first time in 2 weeks we hit rain. We moved to southern Tennessee to a state park on the Tennessee River near the Shiloh Civil War Battlefield which we plan on touring tomorrow or the next day. Pretty quiet here, only 2 other campers. This is what they call a resort state park. It has a golf course, huge marina, convention center and restaurant. The guy at the gate said that Monday’s were the chicken buffet night, all you can eat for $4.99. Sheesh, how can you beat that. Can’t hardly heat the dishwater for that. It wasn’t gourmet but sure wasn’t bad. Boy does it draw a crowd. Now we’re home listening to the rain pound on the roof. At least the only tv station we can get is ABC so Barb could see her stars dancing.

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