Look at all the states which we've seen.

Our traveling year is Nov 11 to Nov 10. Can you believe it, we've been pursuing our dream retirement traveling all over this great land for 3 wonderful years! Along the way we've had the honor to see some of the most wonderful places, meet some of the most wonderful people, in addition to that we emptied our "Wow!" bucket on our trip to Alaska. Several friends and relatives have asked if "we're coming back home" or "are you tired of traveling, yet?". NO, is the answer on both accounts, first the road is our home now, and we're nowhere near tired of the road. For those of you who are curious about the costs of our traveling for the past three years, we've provided the data for your curiosity.

Here you go: For 3 years of traveling: 47,302 miles (hauling and touring combined)

4,361 gallons diesel

$12,319 total cost of diesel

Camping figures 1095 days 36 moths

$9,904 total cost of camping fees

$3,301 per year

135 stops

8.12 days per stop

$73.36 cost per stop

$9.04 cost per day

AND 3015 pictures on this BLOG

This years traveling:

15,101 miles (hauling and touring combined)

1,219 gallons diesel

$3,067 total cost

.203 cost/mile

2.516 ave cost/gallon

12.39 MPG

Camping figures for this year

$3,164 total cost of camping fees

29 stops

12.58 days per stop

$109 per stop

$8.67 per day

So you can see the cost of traveling like this isn't much compared to "stick house" living. We get by easily on less than $2500 per month. And, you can't experience all the wonderful things we've done or seen from a couch. If there's anyone out there contemplating doing this, call us with your questions, we'd be glad to help you through the processes.

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