This is how we look for this stop

We've taken up most of the driveway

The power ditch from the house right behind our coach to the...

backyard. All the way to the alley.

That's the Untalan 5'er parked there.

halfway down the trench by the yellow covered box is where the...

The front of their home from the street. Nice, very nice.

Wanted to show you what we look like traveling

With the box improvements, we like the look and ease of storage

Even this side looks nice and clean

We're proud of our matched pair

From Salome to Sierra Vista is an easy drive. The last few times we've come this way it was 285 miles to drive through Phoenix. This time we "discovered" a less hectic route by going from I-10 to Gila Bend, then to I-8 then East to Tucson. There are about 22 additional miles this way but it takes you way south and by passes Phoenix totally. We called the Untalan's on our approach to Sierra Vista, Joe Untalan mentioned that we have to back into the driveway next to the garage this time, as the contractor hadn't yet finished the power improvements for our parking spot. Joe and Maria are having the overhead power wires taken out and placed underground so we can get further into the backyard AND have our own 50 amp power pedestal. Yippee ! ! ! Next time we come, we'll have the luxury of great power and their home. What great friends to do this, as their own 5'er needs 30 amp power.

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