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Cricket on Beach

Sun Temple

Puri is a smallish (~160 thousand residents) seaside resort town that is also a popular Hindu pilgrimage site. We found a nice, clean guesthouse and spent several days here relaxing.

The one sight we did visit, was nearby Konark's Sun Temple. A world heritage sight, this temple from the mid-13th century, is notable (it's certainly what stood out to us) for it's erotic carvings. While most temples and religions tend to repress sexual imagery - depicting Gods cavorting in groups and pairs was celebrated here. Go figure?

This relaxed town, also has mellow cows. Since John has been unable thus far to master the Indian head waggle to express himself (although he is getting close due to excessive practice), he's taken, instead, to waggling the heads of passing cows by grabbing their horns and shaking their heads from side to side. It's hilarious, though I'm not sure it's appreciated by the cows or the locals (neither have openly complained yet).

For those not familiar with the head waggle, Slate magazine explains:

"The head waggle says, in a uniquely unenthusiastic way, "OK, that's fine." In terms of Western gestures, its meaning is somewhere between the nod (though less affirmative) and the shrug (though not quite as neutral). To perform the head waggle, keep your shoulders perfectly still, hold your face completely expressionless, and tilt your head side-to-side, metronome style. Make it smooth—like you're a bobble-head doll."

For more entertainment, I recommend viewing the following (John's not alone!)

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