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Flare for landing!

Levee Scene


I slept through the night last night and awoke at 6:30 AM. Feeling really good, I rolled out of bed with intentions of tackling the toughest of my remaining chores to be done here. Cleaning the basement storage area.

After our morning coffee Marilyn & I went for a walk along the levee. We saw a few pelicans, but nothing like there will be later in the year.

We ran into Ron, who manages the softball team here at Llano Grande. I played on the team year before last, and they finished in third place. Last year I did not play and they won the Championship. Therefore, I was surprised when he asked me if I was going to play this year. LOL

I do enjoy that competition and have a lot of fun, but the old body just isn’t what it used to be. The foot speed is so much slower, the throwing arm weaker, the batting eye is gone, the power is weaker by far, and judging a fly ball is an exciting adventure.

Other than that, I’m as good as I ever was.

Back at the RV, after a walk of nearly two miles, I was helping Marilyn do the dishes, when Dan & Pat stopped by for a moment. When they left, it was time for me to get outdoors and get to work.

Once I had the basement unloaded, it looked like we were having a yard sale, with items stacked or piled everywhere.

I then vacuumed the inside, changed the central vacuum bag, and began sorting and putting things away in a much more organized manner.

I wish I had taken a before and after picture because it really is nicely organized now.

It is surprising that all that stuff went back inside, let alone looking as if we had room for more. It really was looking good until I put the two suitcases back in there, along with two large bags of Christmas gifts the kids sent with us.

I took a rest when I was about half finished, and played 18 holes of golf on the Wii. After the first day of a Championship tournament, I am +6, in 31st place, and the leader is -6. I have some work to do when I play the Day 2 match.

Marilyn fixed some teriyaki chicken stir fry for lunch, and that was tasty.

After lunch I went back outdoors to clean and shine the wheel “lug nut” covers. I’ll try to get them back on the wheels after I check the torque on the lug nuts once more.

We put our sun-screen on the awning today and that makes a big difference, giving us more shade and more useable living space outdoors.

After completing my outdoor work, I took a shower, put on shorts, T-shirt and moccasins. I went outdoors, grabbed a cold beer from the 12v cooler, and sat down to relax. Alas, there was no breeze at all and the gnats and no-see-ums drove me back inside.

Marilyn sipped on a glass of something and we sat together talking.

She took a few pictures this morning so I’ll post a couple of them for you.

We plan to stay at home this evening, watching “Survivor” on TV.

Perhaps I can talk Marilyn into popping some pop corn for us.

Tomorrow is another day and we can’t wait to see what adventures that day will have in store…..

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