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We awoke on this Veteran’s Day living in the greatest nation on earth, free to pursue those things which make our lives worth living, thanks to all of those brave men and women who have ever served in the armed forces of our country.

I would like to take a moment to simply say “Thank You” to all who serve today, as well as to all who have served before.

May God bless our military men and women who are in harm’s way as we go about our daily pursuits.

With that said, I’ll now let you in on our day as it unfolded. We shared our morning coffee and then dressed for a drive to Walmart. We had a good sized list of needed items.

About an hour or so later, we loaded our treasures into the truck and headed back to the resort. Now we are well supplied and won’t need to leave the resort for awhile. We had a funny thing happen while we were at Walmart. Our credit card would not go through. We tried it twice and it was a “no-go” each time. “It must be a glitch”, I thought, and paid for our purchases on our Walmart card.

It was later that things began to add up.

Back home, Marilyn put together another batch of that delicious bean salad we like so well. Thanks, Mike & Sandy!

Today was a beautiful day here, but it began to get a bit too warm and we turned the A/C on to cool things off.

I worked outdoors for awhile, cleaning the grill and setting up outdoor things.

Dale brought our trash can over. We had left it with him last year when we left here.

I dragged the air compressor out of the storage bay and aired up the bicycle tires. Now the bikes are ready to go.

I also plugged in the new battery charger and put AA batteries in to charge up. We can charge four at a time, either AA or AAA, and eventually that should save us some money. Thanks to Jim & Linda for the suggestion.

I put the new batteries in the Wii controllers and had the golf game working again. Yipee!

I played nine holes and called Dan to let him know I had the golf game all ready to go. He rode his bike over to see how this game works.

We were in the middle of playing the front nine at Harbor Town when my cell phone rang. It was my credit card company letting me know that my card had been blocked due to suspected fraudulent charges.

My game ended right then!

I went indoors and called the customer service number as I remembered that I had been unable to use my card at Walmart this morning.

Once the company verified that it was me they were talking to, they explained recent charges and asked if they were valid. “Yes, those are correct”. Great!

I explained that we are full-time RV folks and move frequently. They made a note on my account and now my card is valid once again.

With that little problem solved I went back outside to light the grill. I grilled a couple of small filets while Marilyn fixed a Caesar Salad and baked a potato for us to share.

With dinner over, we sat relaxing and looked forward to another wonderful night of sleep with our windows open.

Now we have only to wait until tomorrow to see what adventures that day has in store…..

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